No matter what the weather does next Sunday, the AfroDiaspora 2.0//Festival, which has already been postponed once, will definitely take place at Import Export. The organizers have provided rain protection and have also come up with a few other ideas. They tell us exactly what in the interview. And also more about the association itself and how you can support it.

MunichMag: The AfroDiaspora 2.0//Festival is taking place next Sunday at Import Export. What exactly do you have planned?

AfroDiaspora 2.0: On Sunday, we celebrate our first summer party at Import Export. The rain can't harm us - we celebrate under tarpaulins and open tents. We have invited various Munich organizations and artists to join us in shaping the festival. You can expect workshops for children and young people, live music, poetry, speeches and a mini marketplace of Munich organizations and artists at Import Export. The detailed program can be found here.

Who is the festival aimed at? And can you just come along or should you register in advance?

The festival is for everyone who shares our mindset of an open and just society. It is an opportunity to meet new and old faces, get to know each other, exchange ideas and connect. It is the place where our work and the work of other Munich actors can be made visible and where we can all have a good time.

Admission is free for children and young people up to the age of 14. Tickets are available here or on site. Please register yourself or your children for the workshops at All our workshops take place in the building (Attention: 3 G rule).

The festival is organized by AfroDiaspora 2.0//e.V.. Can you tell us a bit about what exactly the association does and where we can experience it/you besides the festival?

We are an open collective of Black women who mainly do empowerment work in the Black community in Munich. Our activities are very diverse: we do art workshops, karaoke sessions, lectures, exhibitions, radio shows, empowerment workshops for Black women and work with children and young people. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook, we pop up in Munich every now and then with new projects.

How can I support you or the association?

We are working towards a community center in Munich. We would also be happy to have an office from which we could work efficiently. However, we lack two important things: the space and the financial resources.

Therefore, if anyone knows someone with vacant premises, or even has some themselves, that would be a huge support and make our work easier. Unfortunately, money always plays an important role in a voluntary association. That's why donations are always very welcome.

Last but definitely not least, we are always happy to hear from people who would like to support our association with ideas, know-how and connections. Feel free to write to us at We look forward to any support from you. See you on Sunday!

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