Unfortunately, Munich's museums are closed again. However, you don't have to miss out on art and culture completely, as some of it can also be discovered outside. It might be a little less comfortable and colder than in the Pinakotheken & Co, but you'll save the entrance fee.

CultureHistoryPaths Munich

Where aren't we all walking right now: to the Isar, to <a href="https://munichmag.de/9-alternative-parkideen" rel="None" target="None">the parks</a>, to the nearest takeaway coffee. If that's getting a bit boring, why not play tourist in your own city for a change and follow one of the many KulturGeschichtsPfade (CultureHistoryTrails)? More than 20 city districts have now put together tours along historically significant places and events in their neighborhoods, developed walking routes and compiled everything worth knowing in brochures, which are also available online as PDFs.

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Remembering places with the NS Documentation Center

Although the NS Documentation Center in Munich is currently closed again, you can still find out about the history of National Socialism in Munich. Right where it happened. The free app <a href="https://www.ns-dokuzentrum-muenchen.de/digitale-angebote/app/" rel="None" target="_blank">Orte Erinnern</a> takes you to 120 historical sites in Munich and the surrounding area. Simply download it and off you go.

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Art in Petuelpark

Petuelpark is not just a space for recreation and exercise - it is also a place for art. In addition to the green concept by landscape architects Jühling &amp; Bertram, the building department and the art commission developed the art concept for the park together with Munich artist Stephan Huber as curator. You can expect a sculpture trail with international positions, a fountain square, a café and a generation garden by Munich architect Uwe Kiessler.

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Oktoberfest Attack Documentation Center

What do you actually know about the Oktoberfest bombing on September 26, 1980? To be honest, not that much so far. The attack was the largest right-wing terrorist attack in Germany with 12 dead and 221 injured. The perpetrator also died at the site. The memorial at Theresienwiese is intended to help Munich residents and other visitors learn more about what exactly happened back then.

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Sculpture park of the Pinakotheken

You've probably walked past it many times, lain on the grass or accidentally kicked a soccer against it - but have you ever consciously noticed the sculpture park? The Pinakotheken art area on Barerstrasse is home to numerous sculptures that you can discover on a short walk.

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On the trail of the White Rose in Munich

February 22 marked the 78th anniversary of the deaths of Hans and Sophie Scholl and Christoph Probst, co-founders of the Munich resistance group White Rose. This anniversary prompted us to ask where you can actually meet the White Rose in Munich. In this article, we take you to the places associated with the White Rose.

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Art tips in July

Since the 7-day incidence of the city of Munich and the associated measures can (and do) change quickly, we have picked out a few art tips for April that you can visit at any time: Corona compliant, free and outdoors.

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Outdoor puzzle fun with YourCityQuest

Fancy an interactive city rally through Munich? YourCityQuest's puzzle tours will show you a whole new side to the city. All you need is a smartphone and a puzzle-loving household to accompany you. Set off and solve intriguing puzzles together.

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If your stomach is rumbling after so much art and culture, you might find something good to eat here.

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