During a semester abroad in Malaga, Julia and Flo came up with the idea of combining two things that you might not put together at first. Tapas and burgers - or more precisely, burgers in tapas form. In 2017, this idea became "Der kleine Flo", a tapas and burger store at Josephspitalstraße 4 in the old town. Under the motto "We love mini", "We love homemade", "We love people" and "We love our environment", everything here is prepared by hand.

Julia and Flo developed the bun dough over many months until they were finally satisfied with the result. Even the mini burger building blocks, the onions and gherkins, are pickled in-house according to the New York model of the "Pickles Stores". To achieve all this, the two have now put together a whole team to fill Little Flo with life and skill.

The burger range includes 24 mini burgers

On the menu at little Flo you will find a selection of over 24 different mini burgers. These range from the classic cheeseburger with ox meat to the Bavarian version with white sausage and the Korean-Japanese fusion burger with ox and kimchi. Of course, there are also vegetarian and vegan options. As a side dish, you can choose between (sweet potato) fries and freshly prepared salads (mixed greens with balsamic mustard dressing or Caesar salad with parmesan). What's still missing? Dips! Vegan mayo, BBQ sauce or ketchup make the burger experience perfect.

And what else?

In addition to the burger variations, you shouldn't neglect the desserts at the small Flo, which are also served in mini format. Treat yourself to a crème brûlée or cake in a glass, for example. And if you're a little overwhelmed by the many burger options on site, we have a tip for you from co-founder Julia:

"As our concept thrives on variety, we would always recommend ordering several small items so that you can try them out. We actually have very different mini burgers, so there isn't really one that you should definitely try. Each mini burger is unique in its own way and has its fans (and non-fans). The Giesinger Ox with blue cheese, for example, is very popular with the team, as is the Korean-Japanese fusion burger with home-pickled kimchi. Vegetarians often order the goat's cheese burger with caramelized apple slice. But exotic mini burgers such as the white sausage burger are also on the hit list."

We recommend: Just visit little Flo often, then you can quickly try your way through the burger menu.

The Little Flo
Josephspitalstrasse 4
80331 Munich

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday from 11:30 am to 10:00 pm

Friday from 11:30 am to 11:00 pm
Saturday from 12:00 to 23:00
Sunday closed

Online reservation is possible.

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