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Hot topic: e-scooters. You can grumble about it, but you don't have to. But what you should definitely know is how to use them safely in city traffic and what the rules are. We went on a driver safety training course with JUMP, an Uber brand, and learned a few things worth knowing.

In addition to the blue on buses and streetcars, the signal red e-scooters and e-bikes fromJUMP have recently become increasingly common in Munich's cityscape. If you're thinking, "Riding a scooter, phew, I've never done that before" - wait no more. Because we took part in a JUMP driving safety training course for you and can reassure you: Driving an e-scooter is easy to learn. Matthias from the Road Club driving school taught us the most important basics and made us fit for road traffic with e-scooters and e-bikes. The training was fun to boot.

Hey man, where's my scooter?

Let's start from the beginning: you can easily check in your Uber app whether an e-scooter or e-bike is available in your area. Simply open the app on your smartphone and then click on the small black scooter symbol at the bottom right of the map. All e-bikes and e-scooters in your area will be displayed. If you are already standing directly in front of an e-bike or e-scooter, you can simply scan the QR code from the handle. Your vehicle will then be unlocked for you. If you want to say a quick goodbye to your friends, you can also simply reserve the e-scooter and scan it when you start your ride.

Scooter riding for beginners - the basics

In general, everyone is of course free to try out the scooter in an empty parking lot first. JUMP recommends this, and we would also advise it. You learn the driving behavior quickly, but with a little more space it's easy to try it out. It's better than starting out on a busy cycle path for the first time. And that way you'll arrive at your destination all the more relaxed and safe.

Ultimately, however, it is no more than getting the scooter moving with one or two initial steps and then pressing the throttle to let the electric motor propel you forward. If you have mastered the basic operation of the e-scooter, you can ride it anywhere you can cruise on a bike - on cycle paths or, if these are not available, on the road. Just not on footpaths, please, as these belong to pedestrians.

And how does it work with the JUMP e-bikes? Thanks to integrated pedal assistance, the so-called pedelecs reach comfortable riding speeds of up to 25 kilometers per hour. Their robust, signal red design, disc brakes, an integrated cell phone holder and high-quality tread tires ensure a safe and comfortable ride. Particularly practical: bags and even small purchases can be transported in the bike basket.


There are Rules!

And there are other rules that you should observe. For example, the same alcohol limits apply to e-scooters as for car drivers. Drivers under the age of 21 and new drivers in the probationary period, for whom 0.0 per mille applies, are not allowed to operate an e-scooter at all if they have been drinking alcohol. Also good to know: even if no driving license is currently required, the minimum age for driving is 18.

So, well equipped with this knowledge, you're ready to go: With the e-scooters, you can enjoy the city safely and relaxed at speeds of up to 20 km/h. You can avoid traffic jams and are ideally equipped for direct routes and short stops. When you arrive at your destination, simply park the scooter on the sidewalk and end the journey via the Uber app. Easy. Last tip: park so that the scooter doesn't obstruct anyone else.

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