Women are still the exception in the cab and passenger transportation sector. Yet women often feel much more comfortable when a female driver is at the wheel. But what is a job as a female driver actually like? Sara, who is an Uber partner driver, gives us some insights.

Sara prefers to drive at night. Especially at the weekend, when lively night birds are out and about, entertaining Sara with chatter and jokes. "I'm a night person by nature and people are funnier at night," says Sara, and she has never had so many cheerful but also profound conversations as in the two years she has been using the Uber app.

"I love my job"

Sara loves meeting different people and wouldn't want to do any other job. After completing her training, she worked in cab dispatch and as a dispatcher for an online mail order company. She was then hired by Uber partner rental car company Safedriver and can now say for the very first time: "I love my job."

Because Sara meets all kinds of people. She tells her curious passengers stories about Munich as she drives them to their desired destination. Her guests' favorite destinations include the English Garden, the Old Town and the Hofbräuhaus. Sometimes, however, the journeys take a little longer: an American had himself chauffeured from Munich to Austria and an exciting conversation developed during the hour-long journey.

He told me very interesting things about music and his son, who makes music. It was just a shame that I had to drive the long way back alone afterwards.

How much does a trip like this cost?

The passenger paid around 400 euros - you can do that sometimes,

Sara replies with a laugh.

Night birds & safety

Now she's looking forward to when people can go out at night again - then she can have fun too.

On evenings like this, it doesn't feel like a job at all, I get in the car for a few hours and get to know people and hear entertaining stories. I love that.

And as a young woman, she also feels safe:

Uber regularly sends out videos with tips and suggestions on how to behave in certain situations. Most recently, of course, in connection with the coronavirus situation.
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