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Now we've taken a look at the month of November and picked out the best events in the city for you. Here you go!

Dead Men's Poetry

Dead Men's Poetry
© René van der Voorden
Mi, 01.11.2023 19:00
Price at B.O.

Are you ready to celebrate the great music legends of our time? This is a musical memorial to deceased singers, reviving their great songs in new arrangements. 🎵💫

Jam Session im Jazzhaus

Jam Session im Jazzhaus
© mattjis smit via unsplash
Do, 02.11.2023 20:00
7,00 €

Get ready for the legendary JamSession, which takes place every first and third Thursday of the month! In close cooperation with the students of the Mannheim University of Music Jazz Department, three sets will be played.


Sa, 04.11.2023 20:00
Price at B.O.

You might know this... you're a parent and you haven't been partying without restraint for a long time? The problem: the announced parties start too late and just when you're getting ready, the child wakes up again and the evening is over. But the parents' evening is different. 😏

The Pharcyde | 50 Years of Hip Hop / West Coast

So, 05.11.2023 20:00
29,60 €

The Pharcyde took the hip-hop scene by storm in the early 90s. Their album "Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde" went straight to gold status and ushered in a new era of West Coast hip hop. They combined their experimental, often laid-back beats with ironic battle rhymes and intelligent lyrics, setting themselves apart from the gangsta attitude and establishing the Native Tongue tradition in the world of rhyme.

Jazz Lounge Mannheim

Mo, 06.11.2023 20:00
Free admission

As part of the City Of Music Festival®, two student bands from the jazz department of the Mannheim University of Music will present themselves on this evening. You can expect beautiful music that moves between contemporary jazz, indie and catchy pop.


© Pat Ohara
Do, 09.11.2023 20:00
28,20 €

Amistat, consisting of twin brothers Josef and Jan Prasil, share an unspoken and unexplainable bond that is best sung aloud. This bond runs through their familial harmonies and eloquent songwriting, accented by individual idiosyncrasies. Their music tells stories with two narrators, giving both voices room to unfold.

Powerplay - Improtheater

Powerplay - Improtheater
© Matthias Wagner via Unsplash
Fr, 10.11.2023 20:00
12,00 €

We don't know what to expect here, and that's kind of the point, isn't it? A cinematic evening with two improv nerds. That much we can say.

Iç Içe Festival Heidelberg | Festival für neue anatolische Musik

Sa, 11.11.2023 19:00
17,50 €

İÇ İÇE is a unique festival of new Anatolian music in Germany that celebrates the diversity of Anatolian culture and musical traditions. The event, organized by a team consisting mainly of queer and migrant individuals, offers not only musical performances but also space for cultural exchange and community empowerment.

Grindhouse Double Feature - Zwei Überraschungsfilme der Extraklasse

Sa, 11.11.2023 19:30
7,50 to 11,50 €

The Grindhouse double feature series takes you on a wild journey through the trash cinema of the 60s, 70s and 80s. A mixture of weird trash and real cinema pearls. You can look forward to surprise films in a class of their own, from Hong Kong action to notorious American thrillers. An evening full of unexpected twists and cinematic extravaganza awaits you!

Strickkurs für Anfänger

So, 12.11.2023 15:00
20,00 to 50,00 €

Knitting is not just for people of retirement age. That much is certain. You don't want to slog through Youtube videos and want to get together with real people? Here you go!

WORD UP! Poetry Slam Deluxe

WORD UP! Poetry Slam Deluxe
© Georg Junge
Di, 14.11.2023 20:00
12,00 €

Here it gets lyrical! Look forward to a firework of words and emotions, best entertainment, great humor, but also depth, thoughtful tones and biting criticism.

Aurel Mertz

Aurel Mertz
© Vero Bielinski
Do, 16.11.2023 20:00
29,20 €

Aurel Mertz is back on the road with his program "Flawless" and takes us on a humorous journey where he negotiates everything from horses to problems to personal experiences in an entertaining way. Whether global or local issues, he makes us laugh with stand-up comedy and provides the best entertainment. You can win tickets with us.

„It‘s Crime Time“: Krimiabend

„It‘s Crime Time“: Krimiabend
© david werbrouk via unsplash
Do, 16.11.2023 19:00
Free admission

Marlene Bach and Claudia Schmid, two successful authors, provide insights into the world of their current crime novels "Heidelberger Hexentanz" and "Blumenfieber. In an entertaining round, they chat about their creative process, from brainstorming to finishing their books, and discuss how much marketing is expected of female authors these days.

Move on Up

Move on Up
© Long Truong via Unsplash
Do, 16.11.2023 23:00
Free admission

Did someone say little Friday? The best reason to go out on Thursdays: Move on Up! Hip Hop, RnB and a breeze of classic vibes, these are the ingredients for the Thursday night sound cocktail.

Maël & Jonas

Maël & Jonas
© Yvette Robol
Sa, 18.11.2023 19:30
27,10 €

With their melodic pop-rock and profound lyrics, Maël & Jonas have an infectious stage presence that leaves no one untouched. A concert that focuses on friendship and authentic music.

Guckloch Kunst

Guckloch Kunst
© Antenna via Unsplash
Sa, 18.11.2023 15:30
5,00 €

Every other Saturday afternoon, curious kids go on an exciting journey through the Kunsthalle. While the adults go their own ways, the children explore selected works of art and give free rein to their creativity in our studio. Artful fun for the whole family!


Mo, 20.11.2023 20:00
34,25 €

Ásgeir returns to Germany! His acclaimed debut album "Dýrð í dauðaþögn" from 2012 made him a legend in his home country Iceland. It sold rapidly, setting sales records that eclipsed even artists like Björk and Sigur Ros. Statistically, this album has a place in every tenth Icelandic household.


Di, 21.11.2023 20:00
Price at B.O.

Through the NightWash Talent Award, new talents are discovered year after year and brought onto the big stage. Whether newcomer or professional, NightWash offers a platform for all! Well-known comedians such as Felix Lobrecht, Carolin Kebekus, Chris Tall or Faisal Kawusi had their first appearances here.


© Marko Mestrovic
Fr, 24.11.2023 20:00
22,70 €

SALÒ already played at one of our secret concerts in Berlin and what can we say?! Here German lyrics and Neue NEUE Deutsche Welle meet individual reinterpretations of known genres.

That sounds like a nice November and a good program for the autumn weather, doesn't it? Full of music, culture and exhibitions, there's something for everyone! If you don't want to miss these and other events in Heidelberg & Mannheim, then take a look at our app! There you will find even more event highlights and daily tips.

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