PHOTO: © Moritz Haase

Ausverkauft | 1984

Theater Theater
In the organizer's words:
Whether as a student at an elite school, a policeman for the British colonial power in Burma, a dishwasher, a journalist or a fighter against the fascist Franco regime in Spain - George Orwell had a precise sense for authoritarian behavior throughout his life and rejected it in any form. 1984 satirically exaggerates and at the same time truthfully narrates a world in which the urge of the few for total power has prevailed and become structurally entrenched. In his adaptation of the novel, director Luk Perceval follows the resistant power of two lovers under conditions of omnipresent distrust, propagandistic insanity and physical pain. What lies behind the quest for total power? And to what extent is the order in which we live a mirror of ourselves? This content has been machine translated.


Berliner Ensemble Bertolt-Brecht-Platz 1 10117 Berlin