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In the organizer's words:

"B*TCHES* BE CRAZY" - the 2CL summer cinema of the Cinémathèque Leipzig on Conne Island in July and August

A star DJ over 80, a furious action heroine, queers in the gym, a bear on coke. B*tches* be crazy! The heroes of this year's summer cinema program pave their way against all odds. Social norms are ignored, attributions undermined and prejudices broken. Sometimes they even smash the patriarchy. Who's crazy now?

ENG: A star-dj with over 80, a furious action hero, queers in the gym, a bear on coke. But wait, there is more: B*itches* be crazy. Follow the protagonists of this year's open air cinema, while they clean up with social norms and prejudice and bluntly forge their own path against all odds. Who's crazy now?

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Conne Island Koburger Straße 3 04277 Leipzig