//5//Extra Exchange Existence//

PICK OF THE DAY Exhibition Ausstellung Galerie Installation Bildende Kunst Moderne Kunst Abstrakte Kunst HFBK
In the organizer's words:

In her practice, the artist Sanna Leone (HFBK) deals with the fragile balances that determine the (co-)existence of people and their environment. In doing so, she views the two concepts not as opposites, but as mutually dependent. Our contemporary reality, however, understands the body and its environment as separate organisms, which fundamentally affects both.

In //5//Extra Exchange Existence//, the gallery is transformed into an open, but intrinsically effective system. Supporting, shaping and pressing scaffolds, surrounded by textile, span the space. As fragments of shell-like structures, the sculptures unite the supposed opposites of permeability and demarcation.

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2RaumGalerie im Hof 29 20359 Hamburg

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