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Alles wird schön sein.

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In the organizer's words:
A man receives a fatal diagnosis. He will die before his daughter is born. So he tries to record an audio cassette for her and wonders if it is even possible to preserve something beyond his own death. What remains of him? Disappointments? Sins? Injuries? Ideals? The memories of the sound of waves on the Black Sea, the zombie movies of the 80s, rented in a West Berlin video store, the mood in a country after a military coup? How should someone tell about himself who just wants to forget the dark sides of his past, like the country he grew up in, Turkey. He lacks words, so he tries to reconstruct his fragile life with songs that moved him. Premiere 26/May 2023 As part of the 6th Berlin Autumn Salon GEZİ - TEN YEARS AFTER. A Prologue in Spring Photo: Esra Rotthoff This content has been machine translated.


Maxim Gorki Theater Am Festungsgraben 2 10117 Berlin