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Reading from "Alsterschatten" with Leo Hansen

Thursday, November 09, 2023

Gasthaus Unter Kirschen, Unter Kirschen 8, 50827 Cologne, Germany

Admission: 19:00 / Start: 20:00

Admission: 10 €


Hamburg is shaken by a brutal series of murders. Private investigator Dr. Elias Hopp, ex-soldier Janne Bakken and LKA profiler Zillinski work together to track down the perpetrator. The conclusion is obvious that a psychopath is up to no good. But to actually see through the perfidious game, the three have to use all their skills. An informant from the "New Right" scene puts the investigators on a hot track. They don't have much time, however, because dangerous enemies are pulling their strings beneath the surface.

Hamburg at the center of a right-wing terrorist network: a gripping crime novel with psychological depth.

Leo Hansen, born in 1954, worked for 15 years at the state media authorities in Hamburg and Thuringia. He then taught media education, psychology/education and politics and published numerous articles on media education. He has three grown-up children and lives with his wife in Neustadt in Holstein on the Baltic Sea.


Organizer: "Krimi and Kölsch

Contact person: Egbert Kapischke 0173 - 520 24 84

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Gasthaus Unter Kirschen Unter Kirschen 8 50827 Köln

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