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Music theater piece by Jherek Bischoff, Jan Dvořák and Philipp Stölzl

Premiere 18 November 2023

On a stormy evening in 1836, Hans Christian Andersen appears uninvited at the home of his childhood friend Edvard Collin, who is to marry his fiancée Henriette the next day. Andersen has traveled through wind and weather to confess his love to Edvard once again. The family's reception is frosty, the groom himself out of town at the bachelor party. Only Henriette is attracted by the extraordinary charm of the guest, who always lives surrounded by his own fairy-tale characters in a fantasy world. He enchants the sober room into a dazzling underwater landscape and unearthly beautiful castles. And he begins to tell the friend's bride the fairy tale of the Little Mermaid: Inflamed by love for a prince, she wants to become human and is willing to sacrifice her voice and her home to do so - putting her life at risk.

In their musical theater piece, director Philipp Stölzl, composer Jherek Bischoff and librettist Jan Dvořák fuse the drama about the Danish poet's unrequited love in the prudish Biedermeier era with his fantastic literary cosmos, telling in poetic images and with moving music that Andersen is reflected in his most famous fairy-tale character.

Artistic direction

Production and stage Philipp Stölzl
Musical direction and piano Stephen Delaney
Stage Heike Vollmer
Costumes Kathi Maurer
Composition Jherek Bischoff
Lighting Markus Schadel
Choreography Sol Bilbao Lucuix, Claudio Costantino
Dramaturgy Julia Fahle, Bettina Fischer, Johanna Mangold, Almut Wagner

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from 8€ for students


Residenztheater Max-Joseph-Platz 1 80539 München