PHOTO: © Rolf Arnold / Schauspiel Leipzig

Antonius und Kleopatra

Theater Theater Shakespeare
In the organizer's words:

A Shakespeare installation in colonial style
A project by Claudia Bauer, Patrick Isermeyer and Teresa Schergaut
German by Frank Günther

Intimacy and empire: world politics is used as a stage to play out private sensitivities. The Egyptian queen Cleopatra and the Roman general Marcus Antonius are romantically involved and torn apart by lust for power and hedonism. Passions are their strength and their downfall.

At the beginning of the modern era, William Shakespeare wrote a private tragedy about the infamous lovers - and at the same time a history that encompassed the entire known world at the time. With Rome and Egypt, two different accounts of time are juxtaposed: the linear striving towards world empire versus the idea of time as a cycle of nature without a goal. Sensually enchanting poetry meets business-cold hypocrisy. In the end, the art of seduction and hormone control are branded as bad political advisors. And the alternative of West or East is to be resolved: Octavian, the future Emperor Augustus, sets about administering both.

Venue: discotheque

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