Autorenlesung: Advent, Advent ... Im Schatten der Besinnlichkeit

In the organizer's words:

Advent, Advent ... In the shadow of contemplation

Short stories by Peter Faszbender, musically framed and accompanied by Mimmi Nilsdotter and Eric Rundholz.

Advent, Advent - reflective time? What is mostly conjured up and carried forward like a banner rarely reflects reality. What is actually announced before the feast of love are: Stress, quarrels, violence, hectic, panic, excessive demands, unaffordable wishes, etc. Taken together good reasons, in order to crawl away at the latest at Christmas and to spend the days up to New Year alone and in peace relaxed. However, this will be granted only to the fewest.

In this book stories from and around the Advent season are collected, which show: It can all come much worse ...

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Schmitzundkunzt Richard-Wagner-Str. 8 50674 Köln

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