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Episode 3: Anna Seghers - Matinee by and with Maria Hartmann, guest: Leslie Malton

"Aren't you ashamed of yourself, you old sow?" was the reaction of Johannes R. Becher, then Minister of Culture of the GDR, in 1954 to Anna Seghers' refusal to comply with an ordered ban on nude bathing in Ahrenshoop. This did not diminish her reputation as a writer in the GDR, however, and she was awarded numerous prizes.

Anna Seghers is primarily associated with eastern Germany; from 1952 to 1978, for example, she was president of the GDR writers' association.

That she - together with her family - also lived in Charlottenburg for several years is rather unknown. From here, she left for exile in 1933, which took her first to Paris and later to Mexico.

The theme of "flight" is also at the center of two of her most famous books, "Transit" and "The Seventh Cross".

Anna Segher's life - extremely eventful and not without contradictions - acts as a foil on which the political events of the 20th century are played out.

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