PHOTO: © Blick Bassy - Bikutsi 3000(c)Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss; Blick Bassy

Blick Bassy - Bikutsi 3000

In the organizer's words:
In Blick Bassy' s Afrofuturistic tale, the Queen of Nkolmesseng in present-day Cameroon leads a resistance through the centuries to liberate the continent from colonialism and all forms of imperialism. Her army, which consists exclusively of women, has a single weapon: dance.
Bikutsi is a traditional form of music and dance that originated in the south of Cameroon and is associated with the Beti ethnic group. It was originally practiced by women as part of ritual ceremonies.
Since the 1980s, Bikutsi has found its way into the modern music culture of West Africa and inspired various musicians and club sounds. Based on this fusion of traditional music and contemporary rhythms and instruments, Blick Bassy has created a powerful, multidisciplinary stage show - a feminist manifesto in which women are the protagonists of social emancipation.
Between colonial history, historical film footage from French archives, fiction, choreography, video and the current political situation, dance becomes an act of resistance. Bikutsi 3000 has already toured Cameroon and is primarily aimed at young audiences with the aim of triggering reflection on cultural roots, gender roles and emancipation from colonial structures. The project also promotes international cooperation and the exchange of young female dancers.
In collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Cameroon, the Institut Français and with the support of the Franco-German Fund, Bikutsi 3000 premiered in June 2022 at the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris as part of the exhibition "Sur la Route des Chefferies du Cameroun" . The production then toured Cameroon and was invited to the "Africologne" festival in Cologne.
  • With the dancers & choreographers:
  • Germaine Marie Louise Katia Eyi
  • Beatrice Annette Ntsoli Bouillong
  • Marie Philomène Celeste O'Konor
  • Isis Jobrelle Abanda
  • LIGHTING Cendrine Zobo
  • PRODUCTION BB enterprise / Likoda Prod
Blick Bassy is a composer, songwriter, poet and choreographer. He mixes African music traditions with Brazilian and American influences and modern African club music in his sound and writes his songs in his native language Bassa. In his various projects, the avant-garde artist is constantly experimenting with new ideas, styles and formats. His album "1958", released in 2019, was a tribute to the anti-colonial freedom fighter Ruben Um Nyobé. In 2023, Bassy released the album "Madibá", which is dedicated to the theme of water and draws attention to the limited nature of this key resource. Bassy tours internationally and played at the DURCHLÜFTEN Festival at the Humboldt Forum in 2021 and as part of the opening program of the HKW in 2023.
- Price: 12,00 EUR / 6,00 EUR reduced. Please book your ticket online or in the foyer.
- Language: French, LANGUAGE IN VIDEO French with English and German subtitles
- Location: Room 2, ground floor
- Wheelchair accessible
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Humboldt Forum Schloßplatz 10178 Berlin