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About dreaming

To perceive and enjoy the especially beautiful and magical moments to the fullest! To be aware of them, to celebrate them. For BOSSE, there is nothing more beautiful than being on stage and experiencing this feeling together with his fans. Concerts are his lifeblood, they are the real reason to make music and record songs.

BOSSE is bursting with fresh musical ideas, inimitable wordplay and remarkable depth of focus in his view of things. He stirs things up. Artistically, thematically, emotionally. In the songs he brings his view of the "now" to the point. With hip swing and attitude. With ease and groundedness. That sounds and feels good: listening to someone who has found his own personal center and balance. In life and in music. Today, BOSSE is a fixed and celebrated figure in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In his current single, he sings about the exhilaration and sadness of a breakup and how one can find peace in missing. "Ein Traum" is most definitely the biggest song BOSSE has written so far. Great, because he has decided to move forward, to follow his artistic
artistic instinct and because you really can't get this thing out of your skull for weeks.

"Ein Traum" is the first harbinger of the new BOSSE album "Übers Träumen", which he has just finalized in the studio and will release in the fall (scheduled for Oct. 27, 2023). He will present it live during two tours: a club tour in November 2023, which will also take him to Austria and Switzerland, followed by the nationwide hall tour in April/May 2024.

With his albums "Engtanz" (2015) and "Alles Ist Jetzt" (2018), he entered the German album charts directly at No. 1. The predecessors "Wartesaal", "Kraniche", as well as the hit singles "Schönste Zeit" and "Der letzte Tanz" are decorated with GOLD. In times of dwindling sales, increasing speed and focus on "songs" to still sell over 100,000 albums: a rarity. To belong to one of the most established and recognized artists in the live business: probably the most beautiful award for continuity and the greatest gift your own audience can give you. To play in front of several hundred thousand people. At the biggest festivals, like Rock am Ring/Rock im Park, Hurricane/Southside, Highfield or Deichbrand. In front of over 13,000 fans at their own open-air concert at the Hamburg Trabrennbahn. In front of over 100,000 visitors on the tour for the album "Alles Ist Jetzt". Club concerts sold out within two minutes: BOSSE is a magnet. Not only musically.

It is above all his attitude and credibility that creates identification. In his strict and loud position against any right-wing Germanism and any national socialist ideas. In his commitment and support for various NGOs.

His drive: Every step forward releases energy. Every sweaty concert love. Every new album gratitude. From the outside today more than ever: appreciation and unrestricted sympathy. For a remarkable career as an artist. Far away from vanity and airs and graces. Full of depth and sustainability. With prizes such as the "German Music Authors Award", the "Fred Jay Award" or the Hamburg Music Award "Hans" awarded many times.

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