PHOTO: © Bryant Giles, You Knew Me (2022)

Bryant Giles presents “I’M ALIVE?”. First Berlin exhibition.

In the organizer's words:

Bryant Giles, “I’M ALIVE?”

Duration: 24 Novembre - 31 December
Venue: Schlachter 151, Wilmersdorfer Strasse 151, 10585 Berlin
Opening: Friday, November, 24th, 6-10PM
Press relations: Rafael Sergi -


LA based artist and designer Bryant Giles presents his first Berlin solo show I’M ALIVE? at Schlachter 151, the new gallery and art space founded by OOR Studio. The show features 32 works of paintings and drawings that constitute the extension of an exhibition divided into two parts linked to each other, one in Tokyo and one in Berlin.

The works on display draw from a largely unseen body of work challenging themes of mental health, the current social-economic state and freedom of speech, ultimately evoking the participant to ponder “am I alive? or a mere shell of oneself?”. The exhibition explores such themes in a variety of media and canvases ranging from film to painting, photography, drawings and score works.

“I think it’s instinctual for people to take a shortcut in their mental development. Conforming to labels and walking around topics is easier than facing ourselves, who we really are. I’m drawn to moments of true human nature, moments of raw emotion, the truth behind the filter. The attention spans cripple by the year, so the importance of remembering and preserving give for such a larger purpose. I want to remember you”.

With I’M ALIVE? Giles dives deep into questioning what it is essentially like to be alive now. “I have been intensely reflecting on how desensitized people have become nowadays, because it is hard to feel present through how much we consume. This has been a cold splash on my face during the entire creation of the exhibition”.



Bryant Giles is a contemporary artist and designer based between Los Angeles and Tokyo. Bred in Chicago, but born in Michigan City, Giles has established himself as one of the top sought-after creatives to come out of the midwest. His work represents his current emotional state, most recently exploring themes of racism, flawed systems, and his interpretation of today’s social climate through intricate visual layering. In addition to his art, Giles is also celebrated for his design work—he’s collaborated with leading brands as well as released collections under his own namesake. Giles notably showcased his artwork in the impressively scaled 40-person and acclaimed exhibition of new art by an international group of artists of color that was shown at Jeffrey Deitch Los Angeles in spring 2021, focusing on figurative works that take up space, each unapologetic in their depictions. The exhibition was a masterclass on figuration, with styles ranging from the surreal bodies of Bryant Giles. The overwhelming success of “Shattered Glass” brought Giles to Miami Art Basel 2021 to showcase new work with Jeffrey Deitch Gallery. On the fashion front, Giles has recently launched his clothing brand Gone Homme.

Schlachter 151 is a new gallery and creative space by OOR studio that celebrates art and any form of creativity with the idea to bring like-minded, visionary people together. It aims to showcase art to as many people as possible in order to support an authentic exchange and powerful impact on both the industry and society.

OOR STUDIO is the creative platform and agency behind the publications Numéro Berlin, Fräulein and Intersection, offering a diverse range of creative and consulting services for industry-leading brands and media.


Schlachter 151 Wilmersdorfer Straße 151 10585 Berlin

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