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No question, AHAB have found their own niche in doom metal. The typical comparisons with "Black Sabbath", "Candlemass" and "Solitude Aeternus" do not apply to"The Divinity of Oceans" at all - not that they ever did for AHAB - because the album is a melancholic juggernaut that leaves a much deeper impression than one might assume at first. Each song is an epic in its own right, the music is bombastic and doesn't care about the typical doom metal genre boundaries. In addition, Daniel Drostes vocals have taken the band in a direction that hardly anyone would have thought possible. To call doom metal "unpredictable" is often a stretch, but this term applies to"The Divinity Of Oceans" without a doubt. (Source: Bandinfo)

HIEROPHANT, the quintet from Cesana in Italy, plays a dangerous mixture of punk, hardcore and black metal. Their sound is very direct, but never blunt. Their stage show seems very dark and oppressive, but is authentic at every second. (Source: Feierwerk)

ACID MAMMOTH is a doom metal band from Athens, Greece. The band was formed in 2015 by Chris Babalis Jr (Vocals & Guitars) and Dimosthenis Varikos (Bass), good friends since high school, with a deep love for "Sabbath" and other heavy music. They were quickly joined by their very good friend Marios Louvaris (drums) and Chris Babalis Sr. (guitars), Jr.'s father. ACID MAMMOTH is more than just a band of friends. They are a family. In late 2016, the band recorded their self-titled debut album, which they self-distributed digitally in the fall of 2017. The album was well received and it wasn't long before the band was back in the studio to record their second album "Under Acid Hoof" which this time was darker, heavier and fuzzier. In September 2019, the band signed with Heavy Psych Sounds Records, who added the Greek Doomers to their roster after the first listen of the new album. "Under Acid Hoof" was released on January 24, 2020 and was very well received by both fans and critics*. In September 2020, the band participated in a series of split releases by Heavy Psych Sounds Records, the "Doom Sessions". On "Doom Sessions Vol. 2" ACID MAMMOTH teamed up with Sardinian doomers "1782", in an ultra-heavy release that featured three brand new tracks from each band. In late 2020, the band went into the studio and recorded their third album "Caravan", which was released in March 2021 by Heavy Psych Sounds Records, along with the first pressing of their 2017 self-titled debut and two represses of "Under Acid Hoof". (Source: Bandinfo | Translation: Feierwerk)

There are bands that thrive for much of their career in a space frequented mainly by connoisseurs and insiders. The critically acclaimed German band VALBORG can clearly claim this fate so far. Beloved by many like-minded people, knowledgeable journalists and a die-hard fan base, the trio from Bonn is long overdue for the "big breakthrough" despite a discography of outstanding quality that already includes eight albums. Looking for reasons, it's easy to point to VALBORG's willingness to experiment, to push boundaries, and although they have always remained true to their hard and gritty musical core, the Germans have never allowed themselves to be pigeonholed into a particular musical genre, and rather consciously avoid it... The result is many labels for their sound: doom, blackened death metal, industrial and others. In their latest incarnation, entitled "Der Alte", VALBORG take a more reductionist approach. Their new tracks are deliberately kept short, use simple structures, are brutal while utilizing extreme vocals and their signature grueling and relentless drum beat. Backed by "Lantlos" mastermind Markus Siegenhort, who handled all the production, VALBORG have opted for a raw and unpolished sound that relies heavily on the guitars, as all keyboards have been dropped from this album. Audible influences include all metal aspects of the band, but also elements of punk and wave. VALBORG was formed in 2002 in Bonn, the former capital of West Germany in the most populous state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The self-released debut album "Songs for a Year" was released in 2005, but although it made a splash in the underground and was offered a record deal, the Germans' busy schedule meant that their second album "Glorification of Pain" was not released until almost four years later, in 2009. With the next three albums released in quick succession, the band established itself as a highly independent metal act. Critics have compared VALBORG to artists such as "Godflesh", "Celtic Frost" and "Triptykon" as well as "Type O Negative", among others, but the trio clearly went its own way and defies any categorization, as the next three albums also show. On the live front, the Germans have been invited twice to the Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands and performed there as well as at other renowned festivals. They have also toured Europe several times and accompanied "Mantar" on their last two German tours. (Source: Bandinfo | Translation: Feierwerk)

With a mix of Sludge, Crust and Black Metal at its best HAERESIS honors us (Source: Feierwerk)

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