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CULK are a special band. The Viennese group around Sophie Löw manages not to close their eyes to the great tristesse of the world, and in their songs they address a malaise that is mostly bubbling under the surface. After their last album "Zerstreuen über Euch", with which CULK dedicated themselves to the socio-political inequalities between the sexes and the destructive hegemonic supremacy of the patriarchy, they want to open a new chapter with their third album "Generation Maximum": Sophie Löw's lyrical song lyrics negotiate the discrepancy between, on the one hand, having supposedly fallen on the butter side of life in the "birth lottery," and, on the other hand, being virtually idle bystanders in the demise of a world as we knew it (or perhaps only longed for it). Be it the climate catastrophe, election gains of right-wing anti-democratic parties, widening of the gap between rich and poor or just personal hopeless muddling around in one's own precariat.

But CULK also take you by the hand. They convey a Hope in the Dark feeling, give you an inkling of the light at the end of the tunnel, without making any big promises. They act as companions and convey the feeling of not being alone with these worries: there are others who feel powerless before the great grievances. Where others lyrically stick to simple black/white painting, CULK do not make it too easy for themselves in the lyrics as well as in the music. Their sound has long since freed itself from the narrow corset of the pigeonhole post-punk/shoegaze and, together with the precise lyrics, conveys an extraordinarily poetic power.

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