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Das Mädchen, das den Mond trank

In the organizer's words:

The Girl Who Drank the Moon - by Kelly Barnhill - for ages 6 and up - world premiere May 14, 2023 - Muenster St. 446 - Young Playhouse.

This poetic fantasy story tells of two worlds: In one, people live oppressed by a council of elders. They sacrifice a child every year to an evil witch in order to keep away further mischief. This witch is a menacing invention to strengthen the power of the oppressors. In the other world, Witch Xan rescues the sacrificed babies and brings them to the free cities, where they are considered lucky children. This year, Xan accidentally gives the rescued girl moonlight to drink on her long journey to freedom. Moonlight is pure magic, and so a great power matures in Luna. The girl Luna grows up with Xan and their little family: the lovable swamp monster Glerk, who likes poetry, and the tiny dragon Fyrian. Will Luna realize in time how to use her magic? Will she free the town she herself was sacrificed by as a child from oppression? And who will help her do it?

"The Girl Who Drank the Moon" was awarded the Newbery Medal, one of the highest prizes for children's literature in the United States. In the guise of rousing fantasy, author Kelly Barnhill tells a story that inspires courage and shows how resolute kindness can shake the world. Director Jan Gehler, known to Düsseldorf audiences for productions such as "Liebe Kitty" and "Mr. Nobody," brings the fantasy adventure to the stage. His work is characterized by a great delight in storytelling.

An artistic audio description is inscribed in the production. With text, music, sounds and sounding costumes, the ensemble creates an adventure that invites sighted and visually impaired people into the theater.

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Junges Schauspiel — D’haus Münsterstraße 446 40470 Düsseldorf