Das Mannheimer Dschungelbuch

In the organizer's words:

Over 10 years ago, the Capitol's creative team celebrated a great success with the "Mannheim Jungle Book" in a new adaptation by Georg Veit. Now the ensemble is going "into the jungle" again. Sascha Kleinophorst as "Shir Khan", Markus Beisel as "Kaa the Snake", Sören Messing as "Baloo" and many others tell a fascinating story that could happen just like this every day on any corner.

Mowgli grows up in the jungle. Among the wolves, he learns to walk like a wolf, howl like a wolf and live like a wolf. He becomes a wolf and no one would have thought it could ever be any different. But Shir Khan, the tiger, returns. He moves his hunting grounds to the part of the jungle where Mowgli lives with the wolves. And he wants to kill the "two-legged friend".

The pack feels threatened. Voices are raised calling for Mowgli to be handed over to protect the "real" wolves. "Mowgli is different, Mowgli must go!" Then Bagheera, a black panther, offers to take Mowgli back to his herd, the two-legged friends.

A dangerous journey through the jungle begins. And if the two of them hadn't met the cozy, clumsy bear Baloo, everything would have turned out very differently ...

The well-known story is retold in a funny, contemplative and exciting way - with lots of music and a few quirky "birds".

With music by Dieter Scheithe and the Disney classics.

Family musical for ages 5 and up

Total length of the play 2.00 h (incl. interval)

Isabelle Scheithe - Mowgli
Annette Potempa - Baghira, the black panther
Sascha Kleinophorst - Shir-Khan, the tiger
Sören Messing - Baloo
Markus Beisel - Kaa, the snake
Jeannette Friedrich - King Louis
Wolfgang Kerbs - Father Wolf
Hanna Gandor - Colonel Hathi
Ronja Rückgauer - Monkey, Elephant

Georg Veit - Director
Dieter Scheithe - Musical direction
Doris Marlis - Choreography
Daniela Werner - costume, set, make-up
Production assistant - Sabrina Iannuzzi-Hüttinger
Producer - Thorsten Riehle

Music: Dieter Scheithe, Frank Schäffer, Rainer Dettling, Paul Schütt, Michael Herberger

Impressions of the play can be foundhere

Organizer: Non-profit children's and adult theater Capitol Mannheim UG

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Price information:

1st cat. 25,00€ /children from 2-12 years 19,50€2nd cat. 22,80€ /children from 2-12 years 17,30€3rd cat. 20,60€ /children from 2-12 years 15,10€

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