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Das Spiel

Children & Families Theater Kinder & Jugendliche Kinder (bis 13 Jahre) Kleinkind (bis 6 Jahre)
In the organizer's words:

Family play by Rachel Rosen

Foxes vs. Penguins, 0:0 and kickoff! The player sprints, skilfully avoids her opponent, shoots the ball straight at the goal. Does the goalkeeper keep the ball? - Tooooor! Or does she? And where is the ball anyway? Gone. How embarrassing.

In this game between two women's soccer teams, everything really goes wrong. Absolutely nothing works as planned, but everyone does their best and wants only one thing: to play soccer - and win, of course. But that's not so easy when the grass hasn't been mowed for a long time, a player has forgotten her jersey and no one has painted penalty areas. The only thing missing from the list of embarrassments is an own goal.

Theater maker Rachel Rosen tells a sports parable about failure peppered with superstition. On the sports field of life, players and fans try to keep their eye on the ball, even when no one knows where it is anymore. But that's the way it is sometimes when a women's team is assigned the ball field that no one really cares about. But that shouldn't stop them, because: the round has to go into the square!

Rachel Rosen already staged excerpts from "The Game" in February 2022 during her residency "I can imagine anything" at Theater an der Parkaue.

Nominated for the IKARUS Theater Award 2023 in the category Children's Theater.

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3.00 - 14.00€


Theater an der Parkaue Parkaue 29 10367 Berlin