David Bowies Leben in Berlin - Stadtführung mit deinem Smartphone

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In the organizer's words:

This smartphone guided day tour is a real"Walk on the Wild Side" and shows you Berlin through David Bowie's eyes and ears.

On this most comprehensive of all Berlin Bowie toursyou will discover the Berlin of the 70's and 80's at original locations and with the appropriate soundtrack.

The tour is a feast for the eyes and ears for long-time fans as well as for the curious who want to get to know Bowie better.

One of Bowie's longest companions, the legendary musician Lou Reed, will accompany you through the city. He shows you places where David lived, loved, worked, partied, shopped or just "hung out". The places where he wrote songs, recorded records and played concerts.

You can see chic facades and middle-class neighborhoods. But also dark, dirty backyards and then, as now, adventurous places.

At the stops you can expect entertaining tasks and exciting questions about David's life.

For example, who knows the dramatic circumstances under which the legendary Heroes performance with Christiane F. was filmed for the equally legendary movie"Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo"? And where? Without spoiling....the Deutschlandhalle was not! But you'll know when you've done the tour!

The tour is a great opportunity to discover new things with friends or alone and to be close to Bowie.

It's like being shown the Berlin of Bowie's time by a good friend who experienced it.

The tour can be started anytime and over and over again, on location or even from home, in the browser of a smartphone.

Have fun with David and Lou in Berlin!

The tour is available in German, English, Español, Français and Italiano.

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Berlin, Wittenbergplatz Wittenbergplatz 10789 Berlin

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