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Film by Miriam Jakob & Felix Claßen (Work-in-Progress Screening)

The Hochvogel is a mountain in the Allgäu Alps. Due to climate stress and other environmental factors, its peak threatens to break apart in the middle. This event casts its shadow not only into the adjacent valley around the village of Hinterstein, but all the way to geo-research institutes in Munich and Potsdam, which continuously monitor the mountain with geophones. "Listening to the Mountain" is an audio-visual approach to the mountain and the surrounding valley, the pending environmental disaster and the social landscape between nature and culture. The artistic product, a combination of experimental radio play, choreography and art film, is the result of an artistic field research inspired by procedures of sensory and visual ethnography. An interdisciplinary group of researchers explores the tensions and fissures, the rhythms and topographies of the valley as a more-than-human set of relationships that reflects catastrophes as well as continuities of the Allgäu's natural cultures. Through an artistic play with documentary gestures, the work navigates trusting relationships with local people. In the form of an environmental slow cinema, locally situated systems of knowledge and belief are thus taken up without hierarchy and related to each other in their diversity. In doing so, not only the scientific form of nature exploration is deconstructed, but also the idea of home as a homogenous, supra-temporal and conflict-free cultural space.

Film Screening

Date: FR 24.11. | 20:00
Place: PATHOS theater
tickets: 3 €

Concept Miriam Jakob | Felix Claßen Choreography, Performance, Somatic Research Arantxa Martinez | Miriam Jakob Camera, Editing, Sound & Music Felix Claßen Sensory Ethnography Dr. Susanne Schmitt Dramaturgical Consulting Dr. Maximilian Haas Consulting Geomorphology Dr. Anne Voigtländer | Dr. Michael Dietze Production Carina Herring Local Actors Bärbel Bentele | Hildegard Simon | Martin Weber | Wolfgang Zeller

Supported by Prozessförderung Fonds DaKu

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PATHOS theater Dachauer Str. 110d 80636 München

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