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One night, Golyadkin meets a stranger who looks very familiar to him: he is his double. When this person is assigned to him the next day as his new seatmate in the office, no one except him seems to recognize the similarities between the two. Rather, the doppelganger immediately enjoys a popularity among colleagues and superiors that Golyadkin has dreamed of for years. The fear of being completely replaced by his copy eats deeper into Golyadkin's mind day by day. His identity becomes more and more blurred - Is he Golyadkin or the Other? - Until one of the two is taken to the psychiatric ward. The original or the imitation? So far, we know mainly the version of the "Doppelgänger", which Dostoyevsky shortened and smoothed 20 years after its publication. How surreal and comical the young Dostoyevsky originally told the story, one notices in Nitzberg's new translation of 2021, which forms the basis of the play version by the theater author Clemens Mädge. With DER DOPPELGÄNGER, the latter now focuses on the "insufficient" individual and the aggrieved narcissism of the individual. A motif that is as timeless as it is topical. Especially in our thoroughly digitalized world, we constantly have the opportunity to create a different version of ourselves by omitting or adding details. But when does the hunt for our "better" self become an escape from ourselves? This content has been machine translated.

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8.00 - 22.00€


Vaganten Bühne Kantstr. 12A 10623 Berlin

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