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Der gestiefelte Kater - nach den Brüdern Grimm

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In the organizer's words:

Oh, someone is pissed off! "How stupid is that - my big brother gets the great big mill, my other brother gets the super-strong donkey and I, as the youngest, only inherit Dad's nasty lazy cat. That's really stupid, that is - but really!" grumbles the miller's son to himself. However, in a fairy tale, things always start out difficult for the people and the animals. But then it always comes to a happy end with a lot of wit and understanding, doesn't it? We'll let you in on the fact that our tomcat in boots is not mean and lazy, but clever and funny, and that as soon as he gets his favorite red boots from the funny shoe merchant, the sour and grumpy miller's son's lucky streak begins - but really! - until the "golden buzzer". With a strong pinch of suspense that makes your heart stop for a moment at the evil wizard, with a princess who says: Prince or miller's son doesn't matter - the main thing is a really great friend and a cool tomcat, we invite you to our traditional family Christmas fairy tale. There will be lots of music, imaginative costumes and a magical stage set. For big and small people from 4 years.

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Price information:

Tickets cost €9.00 per seat including HVV, the accompanying teacher is free. For 20 or more children, an additional accompanying teacher is also free, and for 30 or more children, a third teacher is free. For organizational reasons, please let us know if wheelchair spaces are needed.


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