Die Brüder Karamasow

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In the organizer's words:

The Brothers Karamazov based on the novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, directed by Christian Stückl.

The Karamazov brothers, all grown up, meet their father for the first time. Dimitri, the eldest, is a soldier and leads a dissolute life. Ivan is an academic and a feuilletonist. From him comes the fateful thought, "When God is dead, everything is permitted." Alyosha, the youngest, has submitted to the will of the starets in the monastery. Their father, Fyodor, is a drunkard and buffoon who never really cared for his sons. It is also rumored that the servant Smerdyakov is his illegitimate son, conceived with a confused homeless woman. The contempt of Dimitri and Ivan for their father, who constantly misbehaves, finally becomes so great that they long for his death. When he is actually found murdered, suspicion falls on Dimitri, with whom he not only had an inheritance dispute, but who was also his rival for the favor of the seductive Gruschenka. But is he really the murderer, or who is to blame for this crime?

"The Brothers Karamazov" is the last of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky's great novel-proposal comedies, published in 1879/80, a year before the author's death. The novel is not only a gripping family story in 19th century Russia, but also the virtuoso circling of an idea: Can the knowledge of good in the midst of infinite evil redeem mankind?

More info at: https://www.muenchner-volkstheater.de/programm/schauspiel/die-brueder-karamasow

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