PHOTO: © Dennis Dirksen

Die Heinz Strunk Show - Der gelbe Elefant

Spoken word Unterhaltung Abend zu zweit Gemütlicher Abend Familie
In the organizer's words:

Anyone who believes that "Heinzchenklein", who at the biblical age of 61 has gone to his limit and far beyond, who has torn so many laths that they can no longer be counted, now leaves himself to the highly deserved early retirement, will (how often actually?!) be proven wrong.
"Germany's only major artist" (Wild und Hund) has developed a live program in endless nights and extra shifts that is unparalleled. The Giga-Show rests on the elephant-thick thighs of his current 4 (in words FOUR!) output: Narratives (The Yellow Elephant), prime baller hits (Du sollst nicht lecken, bevor es tropft), success guide de luxe (Maximize your life) and a premium all-ages picture book (Die Käsis). For his premium performance, "the old acrobat" (GALA) has combined the best elements from Cirque du Soleil, Blue Man Group and Rammstein so convincingly that not only influencers speak of a "real board".

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Münchner Volkstheater Tumblingerstraße 29 80337 München

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