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THE CLIMATE MONOLOGUE - Documentary Theater by Michael Ruf

With English, Arabic and French surtitles

After 900 performances of the Asylum Monologues, Asylum Dialogues, NSU Monologues and Mediterranean Monologues, now the new theater piece by author and director Michael Ruf.

Droughts, floods, storms. Uninhabitable zones and distribution struggles are spreading. The window of time left to act is getting smaller and smaller. The Climate Monologues tell of the worldwide struggles of a wide variety of people against climate change. They provide insight into how people in different regions of the world feel the consequences of climate change in their own biographies.

The actors repeatedly have to make existential decisions: between staying at home or leaving, between crop failures in the countryside or life as a day laborer in the city, between security and identity, between hunger and risk.

The Climate Monologues are documentary theater. Michael Ruf conducts interviews that last several hours, sometimes several days. These interviews are then merely shortened and condensed. Nothing is added and the linguistic expression is retained. True-to-the-word, close-to-human theater.

Audience discussions take place after each performance.

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Price information:

If available: With Berlin-Pass (box office): 3,00 €For refugees (box office): 0,00 €

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Heimathafen Neukölln Karl-Marx-Straße 141 12043 Berlin