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Die Mausefalle

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In the organizer's words:
A woman is murdered in London. The perpetrator is on the run, and the police have launched a manhunt. On this day, Mollie and Giles Ralston open their small boarding house "Monkswell Manor". They are expecting their first four guests, who arrive one by one as the snow falls heavily. The trail of the London woman killer leads directly here. The guesthouse is a "mousetrap", trapping not only other murder victims, but also the killer himself. Everyone is a suspect, but: who is the next victim, who is the murderer?

The Mousetrap is one of the most famous plays by the successful British author Agatha Christie. It is considered t h e classic mystery play with the longest running time in theater history. Since 1947, it has been performed non-stop at London's St. Martin's Theatre. This content has been machine translated.

Price information:

21.00 - 39.00€


Berliner Kriminal Theater Palisadenstraße 48 10243 Berlin