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Theater Theater
In the organizer's words:

by Peter Jordan - revised and supplemented by Leonhard Koppelmann

Christmas! The festival of love. At the end of the year, not only families but also companies try to conjure up harmony with a Christmas party.

This is also the case at a Sparkasse branch, where long-serving employees Ms. Müller, Ms. Gerber, Ms. Schneider, Mr. Kaufmann, Mr. Maier and Adrian, the trainee, meet up on the Friday before the festive season for a contemplative karaoke sing-along.

Alcohol and cheese hedgehogs are provided. The longer the party lasts, the more it goes off the rails. Not only does it now become clear who has more than just a business relationship with whom, but also what the disappearance of the 2.5 million euros from the client's assets is all about.

Everyone is fighting against everyone else. In the end, first professionally, but then seemingly for survival.

Because something happens that you wouldn't have expected on the Friday before the Christmas weekend. Let us surprise you!

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