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Spoken word Comedy LANXESS arena Dieter Nuhr
In the organizer's words:

Dieter Nuhr is live on the road with his new comedy program "Nuhr on Tour"!

Dieter Nuhr is the master of comical analysis of time. He dissects the present, encounters absurdities and contradictions everywhere and carves ever new punchlines from them. Even if the world is in a questionable state, when Nuhr goes on tour it seems uproariously funny.

Dieter Nuhr's fine irony is often paired with gross incomprehension. He processes his bewilderment at the state of the world with sarcasm. With him, the ridiculousness of existence is discharged in a fabulously funny firework of ideas.

Dieter Nuhr's satire is based on observation, amazement and thinking to the end. He takes his audience on a highly amusing journey through serious times. And when he dissects the present, everyone looks. Nuhr is a much-discussed opinion-maker. He is the influencer among stage artists.

The daily changing topicality and the ever new sows that are driven through the village ensure that Dieter Nuhr's program never stays the same for long. In the constant fire of news, new punchlines hit every day. There is constant rebuilding and retreading. Dieter Nuhr's program is in a constant state of flux, and anyone who comes back after a year won't recognize much.

It is the topicality of his wit that makes Dieter Nuhr unique. At the end, you leave the show like after a visit to a psychoanalyst: the problems are still there, but you've learned to bear them with a laugh. An evening with Dieter Nuhr is fun and therapy at the same time.

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LANXESS arena Willy-Brandt-Platz 3 50679 Köln

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