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In the organizer's words:

Eddin717 is a Charlottenburger with body and soul. The streets of West Berlin are part of his DNA, the universe in which his life has taken place for as long as he can remember.

Eddin has a talent that not many have: He always manages to perfectly sum up great feelings that each of us knows in just a few words. Through their melange of lightness and pain, his songs offer a surface for identification and are deep without seeming hard to digest. This is probably primarily due to the fact that Eddin is not afraid to cross genre boundaries and play with his voice at a technically high level.

He masters the craft of catchy, often poppy melody lines and completes his beats, dominated by driving basses, with ever new catchy hooks. The ambition to outdo himself single after single has earned him over 160,000 subscribers on YouTube and 1,500,000 monthly listeners on Spotify - even though his career has only recently begun.

In August 2019, during his shift at the hotel reception desk, Eddin writes the song "Da für dich," which changes his life permanently. "Da für dich" becomes a hit virtually overnight, clicked millions of times and makes Eddin abruptly known in the scene. "It was like a sign, somehow magical," Eddin says today.

He quits his job at the hotel to focus on music, and suddenly major labels are rallying around him. But Eddin has other plans for the time being: he wants to walk the path to professionalism independently and together with his friends, with the people he grew up with and has known since childhood.

And Eddin works hard and diligently on his career every day: After "Da für dich", nine more singles are released, all of which find their way into the most relevant playlists of streaming providers. One day, even his father hears him by chance on the radio on his way back from the construction site - Eddin has finally made it, a dream comes true.

In the meantime, Eddin is receiving support from Sony Music. He wants to reach his next big goal and go on his first own tour with a gold single in his luggage: "This is the next big dream".

With 12 stops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, this dream will also soon come true for the likeable Charlottenburg native with the "Du fehlst Tour" in January and February 2024.

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