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...efa: Improtheater Show

Theater Unterhaltung Lässig Comedy Wochenendtipp
In the organizer's words:

...efa: in real - live and direct

The improv theater ...efa: is back from its forced break and now has to let off steam. Preferably with you! Come to the big reunion at the Fraunhofertheater with tingling in your stomach and a new view on this world, thanks to improtheater. We look forward to seeing you!

Reservations under 089-54 84 46 49 or by mail:

....efa: (Ecstasy for the poor)

We play improv theater since 1999! We act, we sing, we even dance if we have to. And we are always unprepared for the characters and stories on stage. We create many theme evenings and long formats and we think we can do this quite well.

Because the audience comes back. Still!

By the way, the silly name comes from the 90s. Back then, ecstasy was still very popular and quite inexpensive. And people claim that this kind of trip was comparable to the feeling of spontaneous play. Just in case you were wondering...

Just come and have a look around. Everyone will find something to laugh about here.

...efa: are: Stephan Eifler, Elke Heinrich, Nigel Höfner, Anton Margraf, Norah Meyer, Max Ott, Florian Schwartz, Sarah Stadler, Nadja Tamas and Torsten Tracht.


This form of theater lives from the spontaneity of the performers, because nothing is prepared, nothing is learned by heart. Honestly!

Every evening is unique and unrepeatable. The audience inspires us with their suggestions and interjections. And no, we don't force anyone to come on stage. Not even ourselves. Don't be afraid.

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Price information:

15 € / 10 € reduced


Fraunhofer Wirtshaus & Theater Fraunhoferstraße 9 80469 München

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