In the organizer's words:

With the exhibition series TANDEM, the Kulturort Depot creates a stage for the collaboration of young artists with already established artists, who jointly develop a presentation of the most diverse works. The series aims to bring together the Depot's existing artists with young students and creatives who are still at the beginning of their careers.

The fifth team is the photographer Lukas Höhler and the visual artist Wolfgang Schmidt with their exhibition "Energiebündel":

Two completely different artistic positions meet. Superficially. On the one hand, the medium of photography, intensive thematic research, the use of high-level technology. On the other hand, the exclusive reduction of artistic language to the figure, combined with a rather superficial and open approach to a wide variety of themes and techniques. Together, the two artists have now each entered uncharted territory, creating works possible only in this collaboration.

In many of these joint works, the photographer provides the subject, the conceptual artist intervenes, steals and interferes, the result giving birth to a completely new solution for both. Works that move between photography, graphics and (wall) sculpture.The collaboration does not seem to be finished, but points to many more possibilities.

About the title of the exhibition, the two artists write:

"We are bursting with energy, dejected when we lack it, and need to pause regularly to refill our energy tank. Our lives revolve around it, and even if this term is used by us almost inflationarily. At the latest, the actions of the Russian army last winter show how important energy has become for our technocratic world. Targeted attacks on electricity infrastructures reveal a fragile network that holds our world together and has made technological progress possible in the first place. Our energy needs have their dark side. Generating large amounts constantly presents us with new challenges. And not just for us, as individuals, but also for our German economy. Like hardly any other country, our industry is one thing - energy intensive! The steel, chemical and automotive industries are the cornerstones of German prosperity. In the coming years, this system will undergo a turnaround, if not a revolution. We are beginning to democratize our network to renew and rethink ideas. But one thing will remain: we live, breathe, sell, transport and will continue to need bundles of energy."


DO 16.11.23 at 19:00

Exhibition period:

16.11. - 26.11.2023

Opening Hours:

DO - FR from 17:00 - 20:00
SA - SO from 15:00 - 18:00


26.11.2023 15:00 - 18:00


Gallery at the Depot



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Depot Immermannstraße 29 44147 Dortmund

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