Ernst Mantel das Tobias Becker "Little Big Bändle" - The Silvester-Sound of Schwäbisch

In the organizer's words:

Ernst Mantel and Die Tobias Becker "Little Big Bändle". State-certified band sound meets Swabian humor.

With the entertainer, musician and comedian Ernst Mantel and the Tobias Becker "Little Big Bändle", an extraordinary formation has come together. Mantel's extremely funny song creations and lyrics swing through Becker's stylish arrangements and venture into rather unusual areas of highly magnified cabaret.

An extremely entertaining event in which "das Bändle" not only fires off jazzy sounds, but can also unleash the Balkan orchestra, the circus combo or the Oberkrainer band and Ernst Mantel as entertainer celebrates an insight into his Swabian universe with his moderations and satirical word numbers.

The Tobias Becker Bigband (the "mother ship" of the LITTLE BIG BÄNDLE) gathers some of the best young jazz musicians from all over Germany. A refreshingly fresh ensemble with an enormous joy of playing and a wide range of styles, which won the "German Record Critics' Award" with its second CD "Live Stream". Productions for, among others: Helge Schneider, Max Mutzke,
Giovanni Zarella, SWR Bigband ...

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Renitenztheater Stuttgart Büchsenstraße 26 70174 Stuttgart

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