Ernte Funk Fest + Döner Youth

In the organizer's words:

Tim Salabim presents: The "ERNTE-FUNK-FEST 2023"!

Tim Salabim brings us the steepest and hottest sounds of pop music history from the 80s and 90s and lovingly combines them with the modern sounds of today.
lovingly with the modern sounds of today.
Once under his spell, pure joie de vivre pours over the fascinated audience.
fascinated audience. Rousing rhythms, catchy lyrics and moving
moving images move the legs and hearts.
Tim Salabim's universe is a veritable treasure trove of good humor and excess.
and exuberance: when the musical all-rounder conjures up the SLAPocalypse on his electric bass (the coloratura soprano among instruments), no one is left
no foot remains still and no eye remains dry.
Tim Salabim is eye and ear candy at the same time - and it doesn't matter whether you're a
gourmets or fast food fans: here, à la David Copperfield
there really is a treat for every taste.

Kebab Youth

"Mom, I want to go to Döner Youth too"...

...a sentence with which future generations of adolescent behavioral problems will annoy their stressed parents, and for good reason: everything is allowed at Döner Youth! There's 80s synthpop, cheesy piano ballads, trap and church music.

There's also a cinematic-dystopian epic about mutant camels, a melancholy travelogue in the guise of obese USA rock, a dilettantish-dadaistic ejection of youthful punk naivety, a dreamy and cozy swinging old-man jazz that gently guides you to sleep late, telling of umbrella romance, and much, much more. Since 2005, Döner Youth has stood for good and bad music.

"All right, boy, go there then, but take good care of yourself..."

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Price information:

15€ plus fees

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Der Hof Ratinger Straße 10 40213 Düsseldorf

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