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In the organizer's words:

Owl finds the beat

She is blue-yellow, loves music and has now fully arrived in German children's rooms: Owl, probably the coolest mediator of musical adventures is on a great voyage of discovery. With enormous success! Since the release of the debut radio play by Charlotte Simon, Nina Addin and Christina Anders, the four Eule albums have sold around half a million copies.

Since 2016, the guileless owl has also been on the theater stage in the production by Christina Anders and Cristiana Garba, thrilling children and parents alike. Over 30,000 visitors throughout Germany have already celebrated a theater concert party with Owl.

Even owl godfather Rolf Zuckowski came to see the production and was impressed: "Little OWL really big! We congratulate the fantastic team of "Eule findet den Beat" on the great success and the many sold-out performances. An imaginative, funny and surprising production with an infectious joy of playing on stage (super band!) and in the middle of the audience. Simply great and fit for many sequels in Owl-land."


The little owl, a real music layman, lives in a forest on the outskirts of the city. Like many children, she can't even imagine how immensely diverse the world is. When she is awakened one evening by beautiful music, a magical journey begins for her. Still musically green behind the ears, Owl dives into numerous genre worlds thanks to many enlightening encounters. She meets eight animals who, just like their respective favorite music, could not be more different. Thus, Owl gets to know the rock mole on a festival campsite or gets a juicy earworm from the pop fly. The punk cat, the reggae parrot and the electric bat also have their own ideas about what an ideal piece of music should sound like. The hip-hop rat spontaneously starts a freestyle rap, the jazz donkey raves about old music legends, and the opera moth, like all the animals in this story, has its very own beat.


You can look forward to a dynamic production in which five actors not only slip into various animal roles, but also take up the instruments as such. And who would want to stay seated when the hip-hop rat is doing a fat freestyle or the punk cat is jumping across the stage in pogo style? Music moves. The body becomes the instrument of expression of what it feels. This should not only be shown in the play of the performers, but also be allowed to apply to the young spectators, who are always given the opportunity to actively participate - be it dancing, singing or screaming. In favor of a realization that explores the boundaries between theater, music and party, both stage and auditorium become the place of action. "We want the kids to really groove along and take the beat home as a souvenir." The duo's production of "Owl Finds the Beat" marks its first theatrical direction.

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Price information:

Children (3-14 years) from 22,40 € (incl. fees) from 15 years from 27,75 € (incl. fees)

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