PHOTO: © Armin Smailovic


Theater Theater
In the organizer's words:
What remains, what counts at the end of life? In "Everywoman," a successful actress meets a woman diagnosed with a terminal illness whose last wish is to star in a play one more time. Based on the allegorical didactic play "Everywoman" about the right life and redemption in faith, an intimate conversation emerges about the past and the forthcoming - about life, death, loneliness, community.
After Pity. The Story of the Machine Gun (2016), for which Milo Rau and Ursina Lardi traveled together to the Congo, and the production LENIN (2017), in which they subjected the utopias of the 20th century to intense questioning based on the last weeks of the Russian revolutionary, Milo Rau and Ursina Lardi embark on a philosophical as well as existential research for "Everywoman". What is it - death? Why this extreme test - alone? Why is there "nothing new to say about death," as the play says? And what could be a humane, an artistic answer to the scandal of all our mortality? This content has been machine translated.


Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz Kurfürstendamm 153 10709 Berlin