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Fear Factory

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The industrial metal kings back live on the concert stages!

Six shows in Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Cologne, Berlin and Hamburg in November/December!

With Fear Factory, the undisputed kings of industrial metal are returning to concert stages worldwide! In their extensive, now 34-year history, the band has experienced many ups and downs, gone through highs and personal differences - but somehow it seems that all this has only made them stronger. This was proven not only by their last studio album "Aggression Continuum", released in 2021 and their eleventh in total, which once again lives up to its title; further proof can be found in the current re-release of their ninth album "The Industrialist", originally released in 2012, which was re-released this year under the title "Re-Industrialized" - with newly recorded drum tracks by their current drummer Mike Heller and five previously unreleased bonus tracks. In addition to the first hints that the band is already working on a follow-up to "Agression Continuum", the fan community of this overpowering metal band can also look forward to six German shows at the end of the year: Between November 24 and December 7, Fear Factory will be playing live in Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Cologne, Berlin and Hamburg.

They weren't just epigones of a previously unknown sound when Fear Factory formed in 1989 under the name Ulceration - a name that was soon changed to the one we know today; with their wild mixture of trash and groove metal and pounding industrial elements, they helped define a new genre: Industrial Metal. Initially still more at home in death metal, the three founding members Burton C. Bell (vocals, keyboards), Dino Cazares (guitar, bass) and Raymond Herrera (drums) developed a new sound aesthetic with the production assistance of Frontline Assembly member Rhys Fulber, which was as brute as it was futuristic, terrifying as it was emotional.

After the 1992 debut "Soul of a New Machine" (1995), which as so often with Fear Factory had a highly programmatic title, they achieved their breakthrough in the USA and Great Britain with their second album "Demanufacture"; with the 1998 follow-up "Obsolete", on which Fear Factory condensed their very own genre mix into the band's first internal climax, they became new stars of the metal scene worldwide: despite its uncompromising heaviness, the album climbed into high chart regions in countless nations. Thanks to a consistent work ethic, they managed to record a new album every three years on average until 2015, constantly readjusting and redefining the sound framework they had once established. In doing so, they benefited from something that, on the other hand, also repeatedly prevented them from continuing to work consistently: Fear Factory are one of the longest-lasting metal bands with one of the highest fluctuations of band members, all of whom repeatedly brought new impetus to the band. In particular, there were repeated wild disputes between the two heads of the band, Burton C. Bell and Dino Cazares, some of which ended in court and even led to a temporary break-up of the band in 2007.

Now that Bell has left the band for good in 2021, Fear Factory's latest album "Agggression Continuum" features new frontman Milo Silvestro for the first time, but also shows the band in their old strength. The upcoming concerts should therefore be exciting for all fans of this metal dinosaur.

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