Frauen. Fast eine Liebeserklärung - Bühnenfassung von & mit Angela Neis nach dem Satire-Buch von Florian Schroeder

In the organizer's words:

"Women - almost a declaration of love"
in the stage version by Angela Neis
based on the satirical book by Florian Schroeder

"What does today's woman have to be? She has to be top model skinny, she has to want children - at the right moment - if she has children she has to work, have a career, be self-confident, not an emancipated woman, feminist organized, not dogged. If she has a career, she must not be a ravenous mother, while she is at home, she must still have a career. She has to be her partner's lover, mother, best friend, everything at once, and you must never feel the stress that this causes her."
(Schroeder, Florian: Women - Almost a declaration of love, Rowohlt, Reinbeck 2020, 4th edition, p. 7)

Based on Florian Schroeder's satirical book "Frauen - Fast eine Liebeserklärung", Stuttgart actress Angela Neis has developed two female roles that couldn't be more different and will also be playing them: Julia, newly separated and disillusioned, who moves in with her son at her best friend Lu's house. Themes such as choosing a partner, beauty mania, self-optimization and much more challenge the friends, as does Lu's voice-controlled loudspeaker Ziggy (voiced by Florian Schroeder), which develops a frightening life of its own over time.

Director: Günter Maurer
Voice of "Ziggy": Florian Schroeder
Stage version: Angela Neis
Based on the book "Frauen - Fast einen Liebeserklärung" by Florian Schroeder
Stage and costumes: Catrin Brendel
Role play Julia + Lu: Angela Neis

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Renitenztheater Stuttgart Büchsenstraße 26 70174 Stuttgart