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Abgesagt | FULLDEMO.cracy - Ein Live-Theater-Game von Trafique und WEHR51

In the organizer's words:

FULLDEMO.cracy is a realistic live theater game!

2024. extraordinary world climate summit. The tipping points seem to have been passed.
A previously unknown group has occupied several parliament buildings. It is not yet clear what the perpetrators' intentions are. Live streams have been announced for the following hours, in which politicians and the population are to receive further information. Special task forces are on standby until it is clear whether the perpetrators are armed and what their objectives are. However, they will not intervene for the time being in order to prevent an escalation.

"Welcome, player. We need your help. Consider all your decisions: The future of humanity could depend on you. The clock is ticking from now on."

The multiplayer live setting of FULLDEMO.cracy allows the audience to become actors in history and experience the achievements and challenges of democratic processes up close.

A cooperation between Studio Trafique and Wehr51.

By and with Anna Marienfeld, Björn Gabriel, Andrea Bleikamp, Rosi Ulrich, Tobias Weikamp, Mario Simon, Anna Möbus, Gina Bensch, Jan Wiesbrock.

Many thanks to the Bürgerzentrum Nippes / Altenberger Hof for their support.

With many thanks to Laura N. Junghans, Lisa Reutelsterz, Thomas Pähler, Tina Junge, Fiona Metscher, Stephan Weigelin, Sara Blasco, and Charlotte Welling.

Supported by:
Medienwerk NRW, Cultural Office of the City of Cologne, NRW Kultursekretariat Wuppertal, Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW

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