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"Welcome to Nothing". With the title of the new record one could think that Fuzzman has become a nihilist, but too much would be interpreted here.
Fuzzman concerts take on cathartic traits, but the mischievousness is still deep in the neck of the Fuzze. A roller coaster of emotions; and what more could you want in times of sterile, soulless standardized music. In addition, his band the Singin' Rebels, which has long been counted among the best live bands in the country, and a songbook that has quietly evolved over the years into one of the most versatile, surprising twists and turns, and ultimately most convincing through independence of Austrian pop.
No wonder. Herwig "Fuzzman" Zamernik, with his versatile activities with his own label, the "Fuzzstock" festival in Carinthia and last but not least as a successful and award-winning film composer, has been at the artistic center of an extremely fertile nucleus of contemporary Austrian pop culture in recent years. Visitors to his studio in Vienna's seventh district - the Fuzzroom - regularly get a factory feeling like in the days of the Velvet Underground. This creative center is on the one hand a recording room for many local acts such as Voodoo Jürgens, Pauls Jets, Euro Teuro, Lydia Haider, Kreiml & Samurai, Ansa Sauermann and not least for his own musical work. But an important social meeting place, where a young successful musician and actor like Oskar Haag can sometimes meet top-class stars of the local film scene.
The Fuzze simply loves to bring people together. This is especially noticeable at his concerts with their rituals, to which a fan community that has grown steadily over the years gladly engages again and again with solemn seriousness. But a smile remains on the lips after a Fuzzman concert. After all, everyone has succumbed to the entertainer's charm and charm.

Admission: 21:30

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NOCHTSPEICHER Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 69a 20359 Hamburg

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