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In the organizer's words:
An abandoned small town somewhere in Germany: bright rapeseed fields, sandy soil, railroad tracks, a prefabricated housing development about to be demolished (because that's where an outlet center is supposed to go). Fritz, a passionate snack owner in search of the perfect French fries recipe. Mimi, his partner and supporter, who also wants to finally pursue her own desires. Juli, who is looking for a way out of the small town and yet can't make the jump. And Ana, Fritz's daughter, who left the town years ago to study, to see the world, and now returns as a familiar foreign body from the big city. Her arrival makes waves like a pebble in a puddle, kicking up dust that had long since settled, discovering a web of relationships marked as much by alienation as tenderness. The changes that Ana triggers are not great in this limbo between drive and powerlessness - and yet they pass by no one without leaving a trace, not least Ana herself. What remains is the yellow gold: rapeseed fields, sandy soil, sizzling fries in the deep fryer. Fabienne Dür studied scenic writing at the Berlin University of the Arts. Her debut play "Gelbes Gold" (Yellow Gold) sensitively tells of people, their dreams, their realities and their search for life beyond small-town narrowness or big-city loneliness. This content has been machine translated.


Vaganten Bühne Kantstr. 12A 10623 Berlin

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