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Gereon Klug: Die Nachteile von Menschen

In the organizer's words:

When Gereon Klug is not inventing songs (such as Deichkind's "Leider geil") or developing revolutionary objects that beautify everyday life and have not yet reached market maturity (the world's only edible cookbook to date), he writes "psychedelic battle paintings" (taz) or, as Hans E. Platte, Germany's "best newsletter" (FAZ). Klug publishes(ed) in "DIE ZEIT", "titanic" and allegedly also in the "Handelsblatt". Over the years, this has naturally resulted in a considerable amount of text. So it's time for a new (unfortunately not edible) Klug book. "Die Nachteile von Menschen" contains allZEIT columns, as well as even more previously unpublished texts. The table of contents alone is worth the money, as you can see right away: Here brain and diaphragm are toasting each other.

Klug is not only a tinkerer, bon vivant, song inventor and list writer, but also, by the way, the only person Harry Rowohlt translated from German into English (and not vice versa) - which also describes his world quite well:
His texts are serious about being funny and inventing the truth.

With a foreword by Jan Weiler
"As a human being and as a disadvantaged person, I love Klug's books. The more I read of his, the more likely I am to become like him." -Oliver Maria Schmitt
"Gereon Klug's 'Disadvantages of People' needs to be noted on the short list of advantages of people" - El Hotzo
"Anyone who reads this is stupid!" Carsten Erobique Meyer
"A revelation of witty entertainment. And I still can't figure out exactly how Klug's art works." Jan Weiler

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