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by Marisa Wendt

Nominated for the Kurt Hackenberg Award 2023

The 16-year-old Lissi is a passionate beauty blogger and shares tutorials, tips and tricks with her followers. But her videos are not quite common: Her eye shadow is self-mixed with margarine and ash, instead of lipbalm there is honey for care - because Lissi lives in a war zone. She tries her best to make her life as normal as possible, but with increasing attacks on the area where she lives, this becomes more and more difficult.

A war story beyond common clichés.

Production: Lehmann.
Co-production: Orangerie Theater

Director: Frederike Bohr | Acting: Carolin Lehmann | Dramaturgy: Anthea Petermann | Assistant Director: Zoe Straub | Set Design: Zoe Straub | Media Production: Sebastian Wiegmann | Music : Jan Arlt | Tutorial Videos & Editing : German Arefjev | Author: Wendt, Marisa | Photo: Julia Tschirka | Social Media: Anthea Petermann | Production Consultant: Tobias Berbuer | Lighting Concept & Technical Direction: Simon Kwame | Producer: Carolin Lehmann

Funded by: Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

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Orangerie-Theater Volksgartenstraße 25 50677 Köln

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