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Göttinnen oder: Die Arbeit am Wetter von morgen

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George Bele (Leipzig) / Artists in Residence

Based on a fundamental need for social discussion and the possible imminent end of humanity, the Leipzig-based artist duo George Bele's "Göttinnen oder: Die Arbeit am Wetter von morgen" (Goddesses or: Working on tomorrow's weather) is a worthwhile attempt at togetherness. What is essential to them is a mixture of an analytical view and silliness. They present an evening about planning and failure, about the postulate of a better world, full of tests of courage for the present and the near future, and alternate between seemingly private perspectives and a sweeping top-down view.
At the center are two goddesses who are tasked with a great project: the constructive re-creation of the world. They focus on the supposedly everyday, on well-rehearsed processes, on absurd structures and work to put an end to hostile and destructive actions whose sole aim is to prevent constructive processes and decisions, to sabotage solidary exchange, to create powerlessness and catastrophes.

They use the weather report, the lament, combine the methods of oral history and fiction to allow contemporary witnesses of a future to speak. They prepare a grand revue for the good possibilities, the attempts to move forward and praise, curse and practice being together on this planet.

Under the name George Bele, actress Charlotte Puder and author Heike Geißler produce joint art projects, most recently the play "Wahlkampf".

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