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Höst Vinter Tour 2024

Support: Gaupa

As durable as an old, battered leather jacket, Graveyard have long mastered the art of rock'n'roll.

Founded in Gothenburg in 2006, the band was characterized from the very beginning by their shared passion for hard rock, psychedelia and the eternal staple of the blues. From the very beginning, the Swedes have always had a desire for diversity, experimentation and stylistic confidence. Their latest album from September is a testament to this. Once again, they have evolved. The band's sixth studio album bears the simple title "6" and sounds like a typical work by Joakim Nilsson and his bandmates from the very first listen, and yet it has become a completely different, stylistically wonderful new record. The second album after the break and with the (no longer so) new line-up of Nilsson (vocals, guitar), Jonatan Ramm (vocals, guitar), Truls Mörck (bass) and Oskar Bergenheim (drums) is slower, more soulful, more introspective and a little darker than its predecessors. The new songs reflect the fragile aftermath of a devastating global disease and are inspired more than ever by the blues. But despite the melancholy undertones, this riff-driven euphoria sparkles and flashes in many moments, the metal grinds, the ghosts of the old role models from Neil Young to Black Sabbath to the Stooges are suddenly present again. All these elements together result in a record that once again proves the experimental and heavy side of Graveyard without losing the true essence of this band. Ultimately, the guys work on instinct anyway. With their darkest but most accessible album to date, the Swedes have survived several years of isolation and frustration and have returned braver, bolder and bluesier than ever. For fans of the truly authentic, "6" is must-listen music. Freshly invigorated and surfing the waves of inspiration, Graveyard are ready to take their new songs on the road and into our halls, where the real magic happens and the rock really rolls.

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halle02 Zollhofgarten 2 69115 Heidelberg

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