PHOTO: © Julian Brügmann

Gude Leude: Gude Leude? Gude Show!

In the organizer's words:


"This isn't all improvised now, is it?" Yes, it is.
For a good show you don't need anything - except Gude Leude. Because they juggle
your ideas like burning marshmallows - let's see who burns his fingers.
fingers. With Gude Leude there are no excuses, only nonsense, chaos and the beauty of failure.
beauty of failure. Because let's face it, who needs perfect punchlines when we're
when we can laugh together about our own misadventures.
So grab your friends, your mother-in-law and the cranky neighbor next door.
neighbor from next door, because: This show is everyone's business. You can expect an
evening full of surprises: There will be partying until the rind cracks, dancing,
singing and laughing (quote Rolf Zuckowski).
So get your tickets before they are gone. Because you don't want to miss this show.
miss this show.

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Senftöpfchen-Theater Große Neugasse 2-4 50667 Köln

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